About MENTalk Lincs

Sometimes you can't talk to those closest, but at the same time, services you need can often be unavailable when you need them. How about a third option?

MENTalk Lincs was founded as a safe space for those people who wish to be heard or could be wrestling with a range of issues in their life, empowering people to be able to speak about what really matters, learn to turn their inner self-talk into kinder words, and to listen to those around us better! We are here to help…

A non-profit initiative for Lincoln and surrounding communities, we’re here to bring a new voice to those who feel they are either not listened to, or just want someone new to talk to. Not just your mate in the pub, but not a set of doctors either – we’ll offer guidance and advice from education and lived experience.

We want to bring together tools to support you, whether it be signposting to events we or our partners run, opportunities to get active, or simple tools you can use for yourself if you’d rather with our SupportHub.

We hope we have you covered; we’re a Community Interest Company (CIC) so here to help you and volunteer our time to help, therefore we are always open to hear from you and what you need.

Mentalk Founder

John Stacey

Founder MENTalk

I was very much that stereotype – broad shoulders, shrug anything traumatic or negative off, and don’t seek help or confide in anyone if things were too much or life was getting me down – I didn’t want to “seem weak” to people. Culminating in a bout of horrific migraines, I went to my GP who referred me into counselling for stress. This was a hard decision to make, and I distinctly remember the long waiting time to start the arduous processes, and the overriding feeling of not wanting to be there and to do it, whilst being polite enough to try it and speak to the counsellor.

What I learned over the next few years was that by talking, listening, learning, and opening my doors in mind, I could become more aware of myself, more accepting of being a human with greatness and faults, and therefore grow to who I am today - an adaptable and content person.

Roll forward to the last few years, and through working on myself and learning about Mental Health generally, I am involved in a lot of projects to improve mental health across the country. During the first lockdown, I saw there was a lack of options available for mental health in the local area, so sought out advice from local charities and support groups who were hamstrung by funding and processes. They all suggested I could try to develop something as a CIC and that is where MENTalk Lincs was born.

I work in Marketing for a manufacturing company who design and distribute assistive devices to disabled people, worldwide. I have worked in education for over 10 years, having had a long post-graduate career at the University of Lincoln. I am a Mental Health First Aider through MHFA England, and a trained peer-to-peer counsellor. I campaign and work with mental health advocates online, via an Instagram page (@JohnMHS4Dads) to try and help those in need of mental health support, either pre-fatherhood, or after becoming a Dad. I have appeared on many podcasts, delivered webinars, written articles for publications, ran talks in schools and colleges, and regularly host interviews with fellow advocates from a range of men’s mental health areas.

Self-help videos

John has put together some videos, that are also on our YouTube channel, just highlighting his thoughts and theories behind having a better mindset, with some awesome hints and tips of self-improvement! Have a watch, and see if anything you can relate to and get some great advice from...

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Unpicking what "Accountability" is

Why Quitting is a good thing

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Get Involved

We are a Non-Profit Community Interest Company.

Meaning we rely on volunteers. Which is why we are always on the lookout for, whatever your background or passion, those who can contribute their time and get involved to help out here at MENTalk Lincs.