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We appreciate you wanting to get involved.

MENTalk Lincs relies on volunteers, including a board of directors who volunteer their time. The more people, who get involved and support, the better chance we have of breaking stigmas, enabling conversations and improving the lives of future generations. We hope you too want to be an agent of this kind of change.

Full training will be given. We’re looking for ANYONE who wants to give up their time, to help their fellow man, woman, child. Get in touch below.

Why Get Involved with MENTalk Lincs?

Want to be part of something changing lives in your local community? So do we! So join us, and find out how selflessly selfish* it can be… (*We always get a real buzz out of helping others!) – Fill out your details to the right to become part of MENTalk Lincs.

How We Help

A new initiative for Lincoln and surrounding communities, MENTalk Lincs was created to be a safe space for those who,  wish to be heard and could be wrestling with a range of issues in their life.

We are not your mate down the pub who thinks you just need to cheer up or look on the bright side, and we’re not someone who can give you a magic pill. We’re something in-between! We offer educated guidance, advice, hints, tips, a toolbox, whatever suits! All built from lived experience.

Want to volunteer?

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Get Involved

We are a Non-Profit Community Interest Company.

Meaning we rely on volunteers. Which is why we are always on the lookout for, whatever your background or passion, those who can contribute their time and get involved to help out here at MENTalk Lincs.